Happy G!


Why?  Because my grandbabies are coming this weekend.  I am so excited and planning lots of things.  Etta, 2 1/2 is fun, funny, and super busy.  She is good for about 15-20 minutes on an activity — so I have to plan accordingly.  Today I am making animal crackers for her in mini letters.  She can pick out some of the letters in her name, so we will work on the alphabet!

Pepe is going to take her on a date to Impressions Five Children’s Museum in Lansing and to lunch.  I would love to be a fly on the wall here!

We have crafts planned, coloring, building blocks and of course lots of rides on the roller coaster we have in our house for her.  I am not kidding.  It is hysterical to see her on this.  The roller coaster car is all pimped out with fire wings, her name and various “smack talk.”

Abbott, 6 months, will just smile, coo and snuggle with me.  I’m perfectly happy to do that.  I love these two kids.  More than I can ever express.


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