May Day May Day . . . But in a Good Way!



Remember when you were in elementary school and would make May Baskets?  Yeah, I’m old, my kids don’t remember that either.  Every spring we would make May baskets to deliver to someone special on May 1.  It was a whimsical little basket that usually was filled with a note, a chocolate or some other little treat.  The deliver was suppose to be secret.  You would hang it on someone’s door, ring the door bell and hide so they couldn’t see you when they opened their door and found their surprise.  It was fun!

I’m always looking for ways to stay connected to my grandbabies who live eight hours away.  There is the phone, Facetime and all of those other electronic means of communication but I want to create memories with them.  I will make them little cards and other little crafty things that they will remember getting in the mail from me.  So today I created May baskets.  Yes, I know at 2 1/2 years old and 8 months old they aren’t going to quite “get it”, but hopefully they will remember that their G thought about them and so so wanted to be a part of their lives.

So Etta and Abbott are getting May baskets and they are getting one that they can hang on their neighbors door.  Lou, their 83 year old widowed neighbor who my daughter and son-in-law have so graciously included into their lives.  I think everyone will get a kick out of this–and maybe Lou will remember May baskets of her own!

Etta May Day BasketEtta Abbie ShelfMay Day Basket

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