Etta’s Art Gallery



I was cleaning out my pantry after a wonderful visit from my daughter and granddaughter the other day.  I was gathering all of the beautiful art work I had accumulated this last year from Etta trying to figure out how to store it.  The thought of pitching it never even crossed my mind.  I wanted to display it.

Then the idea came to me, why not put it somewhere where I would see it every day–the garage wall!  I cut out letters that spelled “Etta’s Art Gallery” and adhered them to the wall along with a cutout of a paint palette and paint brush.  Ta da!  Now when I leave for work in the morning and when I come home from work every day I am reminded of this precious gift of a granddaughter I have.  Soon Abbott, my grandson will be sending me artwork too.  Don’t you worry, I already have his name cut out!  Come on Etta, get busy.  G’s got some space left on the gallery wall.

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