Sweet or Savory Galettes — oui oui!




any of various thin, round cakes or free form pastries, often with a filling or topping: a for example an apple galette glazed with blackberry jam; a cabbage and cheese-stuffed galette.

I go on these cooking crazes.  A few weeks ago I made oh, 8-10 cakes for various people and occasions.  Then there was the cookie phase, and the pie phase. . .

My latest kick has been galettes.  Why?  Because they are absolutely delicious, easy to make and can be the solution to food cravings whether savory or sweet.

Savory – tomato, ham, cheddar and green onion galette

stock photo, baking, pastry, raspberry, homemade, almonds, galette   These Peas are Hollow: Mini Stone Fruit Galettes

 Raspberry-almond     Mini stone fruit galettes

How are they made?  Let me explain.  I start with a rolled out pie crust.  You can buy a good one from Pillsbury (they are tasty!) or prepare your own.  I make pastry in batches and freeze them to use when I need them.  I like my pastry thin so I roll them thin.  If you are using purchased pie crust you should roll them a little thinner any way.  Move it to a baking stone or a simple cookie sheet.  No need to prepare the cookie sheet.

Now the filling.  You can brush the bottom of the sweet galettes with jams, jellies, curds, honey — whatever sounds good to you.  Savory galettes could be brushed with olive or another savory oil, a little balsamic — you get the gist.

Layer the sweet, savory or a mix of what you want for a filling. Leave a 2-3 inch edge all the way around the pastry.  You can top it with all kinds of stuff too, nuts, glazes, jams, syrups.

Finish by folding up the side, over the galette (so some of the filling is under the pastry crust) and pleating where necessary.  You can also glaze or sugar the edges of the crust.   Bake it for 45-50 minutes at 350  degrees until the crust is browned.  It’s a work of art and anything goes!


Let me give you an example of the last two I made:

Apple Amaretto Almond Galette

On the pastry- 4 granny smith apples, peeled and thinly sliced, dotted with some craisins, spread out some preserves on the top (I used a peach almond amaretto which was amazing!), a teaspoon of butter cut up and dotted on the top and a handful of sliced almonds.  When I rolled up the sides I used the bake of a spoon and spread more of the preserves on the crust so I would get a nice shiny glaze.  Baked it at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes — until the pastry looks done.  It got several thumbs up at the party.

As you are reading this you are probably thinking of all the fun flavors you could make.  Sometimes I just open my fridge and grab.

Tomato Ham Cheddar Galette

I made this tonight.  So, on the pastry, rolled out thin I lined the bottom with sliced tomatoes.  Again, keeping a 2-3 inch border around the pastry.  I topped that with ham (I did thin strips) and cheddar cheese.  I sprinkled a little bit of chopped basil on top and a dash of balsamic and baked it for 50 minutes at 350 degrees.  When it came out of the oven I sprinkled thinly sliced green onions to the top.  It was delicious.  After dinner I was thinking that sour cream might also be good on top after it was out of the oven.

I love to experiment.  I usually make fruit galettes because they are easy, great looking desserts in a rustic “oh this was nothing” kind of way.

Here are some of the other toppings I have used:

apple caramel
raspberry almond
mini marshmallow, crushed graham crackers, mini chocolate chips
nutella with almonds and coconut – I know, stop it, please stop it
peach, nectarine and plum
apple, pear and dried cranberries

The list goes on.  I’m just getting into the savories but the possibilities are endless.

ground beef, carrots and onions (prebrowned and drained) like an open face pasty (you “yuppers” know what I mean.)

ham and swiss cheese

corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing.

Serve with whatever condiments you like.  Drop me a comment and let me know what you have tried.  Trust me it’s worth it!